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Latest technology

We keep up to date with all the latest technology available in casting to today. All castings are filmed on Sony mini DV cameras. A live feed is run to our editing suite where we capture and edit the performance to the Film It casting format. It is burnt to DVD, making the footage easily accessible to view on PC and Mac.

FTP Footage

Footage can also be sent to producer’s FTP sites or to clients via email, YouSendIt or other online resources – a useful tool when casting for overseas jobs and local jobs a like. Footage can be provided in any required format (eg: DV Tape, DVD, Quicktime, etc).


We will provide each producer with:

– Runlists and details of all the artists that attended.
– A book of portraits of all artists at the casting.
– A DVD of edited performance of each category cast

What our users say

– “It’s that they care, as much as I do.”

‘Finding the right cast is possibly the single most vital requirement, as a director of commercials. But Gaelene and Lisa have made casting my favourite part of the process. I look forward to working with them every time I get a brief. They are my first call and no matter the ask, I get met by giant smiles and big hearts. It’s that they care, as much as I do. And their kindness with actors during the sensitive auditioning process makes for amazing performances. I have never walked onto a set without feeling that the cast was not the best we could find. I love ‘em.’

Dean Blumberg, director at Massif

‘ There is no one I trust more than G Stop to find the right people. They see the kind of nuance that other people overlook. They work harder than anyone to deliver on every brief and every compliment we get on performance begins with them and so we keep going back. Not just because they are the best at casting, but because they are also the very best humans.’

Dani Hynes - director at Egg Films

‘It is always such a pleasure to work on G Stops briefs.

Their briefs are exact and clear.

The team is friendly and professional.

G Stop sets a very high standard in the industry, building good relationships with agents, cast and clients.

They set a good example to follow, when wanting to be successful in the industry.

Our talent love going to G Stop for castings, as they always run smoothly and the casting director always gets the best performance out of them.’


Lisa – Foxstar

Fox Star

“of all the casting companies I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, Gstop,
by far, is the biggest disappointment. And, if you don’t work with them, you are an idiot!”


MLA Wesley - MLA

After 22 years in the business I can safely say that G-Stop is the quintessential
casting company. Our industry is very much a ‘Peoples Persons Industry’ and
G-Stop fit in with absolute ease with their professionalism,
work ethic, politeness & vivacious style’.


ICE Jane Celliers, director Ice Models